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    Upcoming Meditation Classes in Christchurch

    Our next series of free meditation classes in Christchurch runs from March through until May 2016. We are also offering classes in Rangiora and Rolleston. More details here »

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    About Meditation

    The practice of meditation releases a new and positive life force – born of inspiration, happiness and peace – into every aspect of our existence, creating the optimum conditions for vitality and health.
    More details here »

  • Sri Chinmoy

    About Sri Chinmoy

    Our free meditation classes are based on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy who offered inspiration to millions worldwide during his lifetime of dedicated service. Through his writings, lectures, concerts, artwork and athletic endeavours, Sri Chinmoy humbly offered the message of self-transcendence and said, "We are all truly unlimited, if we only dare to try and have faith." More details here »

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    Contact Us

    Our contact details can be found here »

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Meditation Christchurch is a service of the Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Centre which provides learn-to-meditate programmes free of charge to the community. Our structured meditation courses introduce a broad range of effective meditation techniques with the aim of inspiring participants to develop a successful and progressive daily meditation practice at home. Following our introductory classes, we offer free continuation programmes to further deepen the meditation experience. The Sri Chinmoy Centre also provides a variety of sports events, cultural activities and concerts. Inspired by the teachings and example of Sri Chinmoy, we offer a uniquely modern and holistic approach to self-development by combining meditation and a dynamic lifestyle to enhance contemporary living.

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